Shared Education

We are developing our work in Shared Education with Round Tower Integrated Primary School.  Teachers and pupils will be working together over the next few years to develop learning and understanding.  So far this year we have had four projects with more to come after Christmas.

To find out more about our partner school follow this link.

Year 3 Mrs McCombe

Our Year 3 children have been working with children from Round Tower. The project involved a series of PDMU lessons that took place over 8 weeks. The children visited each other’s schools and classrooms and took part in a variety of activities including; Circle time, art, singing, drama and problem solving.

The 86 children in smaller groups of 28 mixed pupil groups made many new friendships.

The project aimed  to; Encourage children to feel positive about themselves. Develop an understanding of their self-esteem and confidence. Become aware of their own strengths and abilities, qualities and achievement’s.

At the end of our project we hosted an Assembly of Celebration for parents and family show casing all of the children’s work and newfound friendships.

Year 4 Mrs Kernohan and Mrs Stevenson 

In Shared Ed, P4 from are working with P4/5 from Round Tower on the topic ‘Marvellous Me’.
We are making so many new friends and asking ‘What makes a good friend?’
We are finding out about our similarities and differences -in how we look and also in the type of person we are. 
We are going to be investigating our body structures and finding out how to stay fit and active. 
It’s a busy, fun-filled time each Wednesday morning!
Talking, playing, drawing, dancing, singing, designing, writing and drama are a few of the activities keeping us all excited and engaged.  
We hope to celebrate our creativity and achievements, sharing our experiences with our parents/guardians very soon. 


Year 5 Mrs Wray

 Year 5 have been very busy working closely with pupils from Round Tower Integrated Primary as part of the Shared Education Project. The children from both schools have been participating in a series of lessons together, which aim to enhance and enrich the children’s learning experiences whilst promoting collaboration. This year we have chosen to focus on the topic of ‘Myself and Others’ which links very closely to the PDMU Unit of Work entitled ‘Myself and My Attributes’ within the NI Curriculum.
Pupils have been discovering a lot about themselves regarding their likes, talents and attributes whilst developing a keen interest in finding out more about others, appreciating differences and similarities between themselves and others and forming new friendships. Year 5 have engaged in activities such as planning and creating an Acrostic Poem using the letters of their partner’s name, designing a Coat of Arms to highlight and celebrate their partner’s likes and talents, organising information about each other into a Venn Diagram and they will be painting a portrait of their partner in the coming weeks.

At the end of the 8 week period we showcased the pupils’ hard work in school.


Year 6 Mr Hanna

This term, our Year 6 pupils have been working with the Year 6 Pupils at Round Tower Integrated School to create their own businesses to design and create a product to sell at a fair in the run up to Christmas. There are 9 businesses with each business containing approximately 3 children from Parkhall and 3 children from Round Tower. 
The pupils have been working closely with Young Enterprise who have helped guide the children to create their business. Each group has come up with a business name, designed and created a product, thought of their own pricing structure and thought carefully about which charity to donate profits to. 
The Christmas Fair held at The Junction on Monday 19th November was very successful and between both classes we raised over £550.  We are donating our part £302 to Action Cancer.
Year 6 pupils have enjoyed the project, they have made new friends and they have gained many valuable skills.