Year 2


Hello and welcome to P2!

Our teacher is Miss Wilkinson and our assistant is Mrs McNeilly.


Please ensure your child has the following in school every day:

- school bag

- a healthy break time snack

- lunch box or dinner money

- homework folder (check daily for notes) with reading book and reading record

- coat

- P.E. gutties



Monday to Thursday nights the children will have reading. It is important to hear this reading every night. Every Monday the children will get words in their Tricky Word books and letters in their plastic wallets to make words out of.

A literacy or phonics homework will be sent home once a week and a numeracy/maths homework once a week.

Occasionally your child might have a topic related homework or a learning homework.



Theme Marvellous Me

Up until October Half term our class theme will be “Marvellous Me”. During this time we will be looking at ourselves, our 5 senses and the body parts used for each, how we have changed from a baby, some of the similarities and differences we have as a class and how to keep ourselves healthy.



For this first half term we will be making sure everyone knows their numbers to 20. So if you have a minute make sure your child can write their numbers to 20, put them in order, fill in missing numbers and even add on 1 (to a number up to 20). We will be talking about more and less, before, after and numbers between.

We will be revising our 2D shapes. Try playing “Spot the Shape” at home or in the car. In Measure we will be looking at objects and comparing for longer and shorter. We will also be weighing objects and describing them using the language of ‘heavier’ or ‘lighter’.



In Literacy this half term we are going to read a variety of traditional tales and some books related to our topic. We will be finding the title, blurb, spine, author and illustrator for each book. We will also be making predictions and working on sequencing stories.

We are really trying to reinforce good handwriting and correct letter formation - help your child practise their letters as much as possible.

The children are revising their Jolly Phonics sounds from last year. We are also looking at the name of these letters in the alphabet (grapheme). We also have some tricky words that we need to learn each week.

Keep up the good work with the reading books and Jolly Phonics sounds – it all makes a difference.