Maths Week

Each year we celebrate Maths Week in school.

The aim of the week is for all of the children to experience maths activities in a range of practical ways. All strands of the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Numeracy were covered throughout the week - Number, Measure, Shape and Space, Data Handling and Problem Solving and investigations.


Day 1

We had a series of maths workshops carried out by 'The Happy Puzzle Company'. This was a fantastic day enjoyed by all.


Day 2

Year 1- Today we talked about our favourite fruits and made a graph using the interactive whiteboard and a computer programme.  we were able to find out which fruit most children liked best and which was liked least.

Year 2 - We learned about pictographs and then worked in groups to make pictographs of our favourite fruit.

Year 3 -Today in Year 3 we covered Number. We pretended that we were working in a fruit shop and had to order different fruit prices from the smallest number to the biggest. We were also taking away using fruit and completed games on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Year 4 - Today both classes in Year 4 covered Handling Data. We counted up and recorded a tally of the favourite vegetables in each class. Some pupils made pictograms of different vegetables. Some groups sorted fruit and other items for one and two criterion into a venn diagram. Some groups sorted for two criteria using a carroll diagram.

Year 5/6 -We covered Shape and Space today. We collected leaves in the playground and sorted them into whether they had symmetry or not. Some people were able to find leaves that had two lines of symmetry. 

Year 6/7 - We completed problem-solving activities in the area of number.  We helped Farmer Brown solve problems using addition and subtraction as he was in a bit of a state and needed the help!

Year 7 -


 Day 3

Year 1 -We made patterns with toy fruit today and then drew pictures of our patterns.  We had great fun.

Year 2  -  

Year 3 -Today we covered Measure. We worked in groups and had fun completing different activities. At one table we using scales to weigh different vegetables, at another we were using different fruit to measure the length of different  items in the classroom and at the third table we were putting Autumn pictures in order from smallest to biggest.

Year 4 - Today in Year 4 both classes covered Measure. We worked in pairs and small groups to estimate and measure the weight of different types of fruit. we worked well in our groups using the scales to check our predictions. We also ordered weights from lightest to heaviest and then heaviest to lightest.

Year 5/6 -We covered Measure today. We looked at the day in the life of a farmer and the times that he does different things. We also played lots of time games. 

Year 6/7 - Measure - We helped Farmer Brown sort out his calendar.  We completed activities requiring us to count forward and back in days and weeks and read and interpret his calendar.

Year 7 -



Day 4

Year 1- Today we covered shape and space, thinking about positional language.  We sat in a big circle and had to put our piece of toy fruit in, under, on top of, beside, next to and beneath our little boxes.

Year 2 -

Year 3 - Today we covered Shape and Space. The children had to match the colour of the fruit/vegetable to the correct 2D shape.

Year 4 - Today in Year 4 we covered Number. We counted all the autumn items and carried out addition and subtraction sums using the autumn items.

Year 5/6 - We covered Number today. We researched the price of different vegetables on the Asda website that we were going to try on Friday. We had to work out the total price mentally and check using the Asda website. Some children were able to work out what change from £10 we would get. 

Year 6/7 - Handling Data - In pairs, we went outside and collected Autumn leaves.  We sorted and recorded numbers using tally marks and presented the information on a bar chart using the ICT program - RM Starting Graph.  We really enjoyed this!

Year 7 -


Day 5

Year 1- For our measure day, we talked about the days of the week.  We had the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and we talked about the fruit he ate on each day.

Year 2 -

Year 3 -Today we had great fun completing a Data Handling task. In our groups we had to go around the school, find hidden vegetables and record our results. When we got back to class we shared our results and made a block graph. 

Year 4 - Today in Year 4 both classes covered the strand of Shape and Space.  We had to name different 2D shapes and count the fruit that was in the different shapes. We went outside and looked for shapes with Autumn leaves - some had curved lines, some had straight lines and some had jagged lines. we had lots of fun outside looking at the leaves and sorting them for colour, size and shape!

Year 5/6 - We covered Handling Data today. We tried a range of vegetables and voted for our favourites. We collected the information using tally charts and represented it using pictograms. Carrots and leeks were the most popular!

Year 6/7 - In Shape and Space, we looked at tessellation of leaves.  We completed an Art activity by tessellating leaves and produced fantastic colourful Autumn Leaves pictures!   We also completed a Thinking Skills activity in Maths sorting mathematical statements.  What a super week!

Year 7 -


During the Week

Some classes went on a maths trail around the Nature Walk and school grounds to look at the different shapes of leaves., colours of leaves and to count different Autumn items.


A big well done to everyone involved in making Parkhall Primary School Maths Week such a success.



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Here are some pictures of the pupils having fun during the maths workshop held during Maths Week.

Year 3M, Year 4W and Year 4KS enjoying their turn with the Happy Puzzle Company.

Here is Year 5/6 enjoying Maths Week!

Year 4W enjoying some practical maths and going outside for their Autumn Maths Trail.