All about School Council

The School Council meet  each month to discuss  issues and ideas that have been brought up during class council meetings. The School Council make final decisions or create a short-list of options for classes to vote on.  Class representatives, Mrs Boyd, Miss Harbinson, Mrs McKinstry and members of the Board of Governors attend the School Council meetings. 

Every year, during the first term, elections are be held in school for our new School Council.  P4-P7 classes are involved in the voting process.  In class, pupils are given the opportunity to create and present a manifesto, outlining why they would be a good councillor. 

On the election day the pupils get the opportunity to vote for two class representatives.  The results are announced in assembly and the chosen pupils receive a badge to identify them.

Following this there is a training day for new councillors to meet the councillors from other classes.  They find out about their role as a council representative and learn how meetings work.

Our School Council is an important part of our school as they provide pupils with an opportunty to suggest ideas and voice their opinion.  Over the past few year the pupils have suggested some wonderful suggestions and School Council has worked hard to make them happen. 

Here are a few examples:-

The colourful Playground mural                      A talent show and Bake-Off

A school house system                                  Wrist bands for house teams

Bike Shelter                                                   The Class Award system

Fun charity days                                            The PE kit

The P7 Prom                                                   The Fit Trail

The library mural                                             The ICT mural

We look forward to more great decisions this year ...



What's new?

Our Projects for 2016/2017:

Playground markings and outside space:- We will work with the Eco-Committee to further develop our outside space and we will seek Lottery funding, in addition to fund-raising in school.


Revamp the Library:- We want more books and comfy seating.  We want our library to look amazing! 


Stationery Shop:- We will set up a stationery shop in school where everyone will be able to buy pencils, pens, rubbers and sharpeners etc.  Year 7 pupils will set this up and manage it.


Charity Work:- Helping others is always an important aim of our school council.  we will support Children and Need as well as Comic Relief.


*Please support our fundraising efforts to help us achieve our goals*