Westport 2018


Packing Advice

You will need:

A packed breakfast- sandwich etc. (We will stop on the way to Westport to have this)

At least 3 pairs of shoes (1 will get wet during water sports, 1 will probably get muddy during other activities and 1 will stay clean to wear in the hotel).

Lots of towels (the children will need a towel after both water-sports and they will need a towel(s) to use after washing/having a shower - due to the nature of the activities, the children will need to shower each day.)

Warm, comfy clothes (The activities are outdoors so please make sure they have a waterproof coat with a hood and warm clothes to wear.)

Toiletries - (shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste etc.)

Medication! (Please clearly label all medication and send it in before or bring it on the morning of the trip.  Teachers will keep medicines, unless they are needed to be kept with the children, such as inhalers etc.)

Small amount of spending money (there will only be an opportunity to visit a Spar, so they should not bring a lot of money).

Technology - (phones and tablets are optional.  Phones will be kept by staff during the trip and given out each evening for the children to use.  Any other technology will be looked after by the children and will be brought at their own risk.  There is not a lot of time for them to use tablets etc. due to our packed schedule.) 


If you have any other queries, please contact school.